Nepal – a country in South Asia- famous for its temples and Himalayan Mountains which include Mount Everest. Nepal tourism is specially meant for those who possess adventurous and religious instincts. The perfect combination of the beauty of Himalayas and the wildlife, culturally inclines temples and monasteries and the different kinds of adventures makes Nepal an ideal travel destination. Travza Holidays, an eminent brand of eminent Unimoni Corporate family offers a 3 N, 4 D package to explore this beautiful country. 4 Day Nepal Kathmandu Tour package from Chennai is sure to be an asset for nature lovers who wish to experience the magnificent spectacle of Himalaya in the lap of nature and for spiritual tourists due to its famous temples and stupas. The important tourists destinations covered in this tour package are Kathmandu Valley, pashupatinath temple, Bouddhanath holy shrine, Lalitpur and Swayambhunath.

Kathmandu and Kathmandu valley

Kathmandu tour package from chennai

Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal is set in a valley surrounded by the Himalayan Mountains. The Arrival airport is Tribhuvan International Airport is located in Kathmandu Valley richly cladded with scenic beauty and elegant temples, which happen to be the first spot to set on the nepal kathmandu tour package from Chennai. Kathmandu valley is famous for ancient temples and monuments and known as the valley of God’s where Hinduism and Budhism co-exist in harmony. 7 important monuments in Kathmandu are listed as UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. You can buy handicrafts from artisans who is working according to the old traditions that go back centuries. Enjoy the fine architecture and elegant woodcarvings of Newar craftsmen whose artistic brilliance are showcased around the three cities in the form of temples and monuments built centuries ago. Durbar Square of Patan is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with the old royal palace is one of the major attractions in Patan.
Some of the places included in Kathmandu tour package are,

  • Durbar Square
  • Old Town
  • Kumari Bahal
  • Garden of Dreams
  • Itum Bahal
  • Indra Chowk
  • Narayanhity Palace
  • Asan Tole


Pashupatinath tour package from chennai

It is the oldest Shiva Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal and declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Constructed in the Pagoda style architecture and is believed that the temple is more than two thousand years old. Pashupati temple area in total 559, big and small Shiva temples and shrines. This is one of the most important religious sites in Asia for the devotees of Lord Shiva. Pashupatinath stands on the banks of river Bagmati and the Ghats in front of the temple were reserved for the cremation of royalty. This is the largest temple complex in Nepal and is stretched on both sides of the Bagmati River. Pashupati is the incarnation of Lord Shiva and has five faces symbolizes different avatars of Lord Shiva.

Boudha Stupa

Bouddhanath stupa tour package from chennai

It is the famous Buddhist shrine in Nepal. Bouddhanath stupa is one of the most recognizable site in Nepal. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site from 1979. It has a diameter of 120 meters, making it the largest temple in Nepal. Situated 8 km to the east of downtown Kathmandu and can be seen from the Thribhuvan International airport. This is a 36 meter high stupa of Buddha and is the largest stupa in Kathmandu Valley. The Bouddha stupa is built on an octagonal base, surrounded by 147 prayer wheels and 108 images of Buddhist deities. It has colourful prayer flags and is one of the Kathmandu’s most iconic and photographed sites.


Patan tour package from chennai

Patan also called Lalitpur is 5 km away from the capital city Kathmandu and separated from the capital city by the Bagmati River. Patan is the second largest town in the Kathmandu Valley and has the finest collection of palaces and temples in the entire country of Nepal. Patan is full of temples and monasteries which look similar in their Pagoda style architecture. The major profession of locals here is wood carvings and especially metal crafts. The fair trade shops in Patan are famous for selling high class handicrafts at really competitive prices. The Newar craftsmen in the city are world famous who are traditionally supplying Metal Crafts to Buddhist Monasteries in the world.

Some of the important tourist attractions in Patan are,

  • Mul Chowk
  • Golden Gate
  • Sundari Chowk
  • Patan Museum
  • Krishna Mandir
  • Golden Temple
  • Royal Palace


Swayambhunath tour package from Chennai

Swayambhunath stupa is situated on the northwest of Kathmandu valley. Also known as the ‘Monkey temple’ from the 1970’s. This Stupa overlooks the valley and offers the visitors a panoramic valley view. Swayambhunath complex is founded during the fifth century and it contains stupa, temples, shrines, Tibetan Monastery, museum and library. The Stupa, covered with 20 kilograms of Gold and has a large white dome at its base. Monkeys live in the north west of Swambhunath complex. Visitors can also found the carvings of the five Panch Buddhas found on each side of the Stupa. Some of the important monuments to see here are,

  • A huge gold plated Vajra Thunderbolt
  • Buddha statue on the west
  • The Sleeping Buddha
  • The Deva Dharma Monastery
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