Budget was always an ailing factor while planning a tour. Though pocket capacity could hardly hold a yearning heart that longs with an unquenchable quest for travelling, sightseeing, memento collection and so forth. Then Malaysia Tour Package is the perfect answer for all the anticipations. Adventurous trips through Mangrove Island, ride on the cable car, largest bird park, exciting night tours, thrilling Malaysian dance, exquisite local cuisines etc. are all in the bargain. Malaysia tour package is sure to give an exciting break that you desired while planning the tour. When life becomes monotonous, its perfect time to add spice through the thrilling and enticing schemes of Malaysia Tour package.

Ever heard about mangrove islands?

Move out of the concrete jungle and explore the real wildlife of the mangrove Islands of Malaysia.

  • A close encounter with the nature in the untamed natural milieu that could surprise you
  • An opportunity to feed and click with monkeys, rare species of birds, fishes etc.
  • Hear your own shrills echoing in the bat – dwelling caves
  • Find the endangered species in their cosy habitation.
  • Get a chance to visit the highly infested areas of fishes, reptiles, birds etc.

Go wild with incredible panoramic islets

Langkawi is a group of islands to feast your eyes with a plethora of scenic natural beauties that would make you praise God for the magnificent creation. Blue sea touched by sandy shoreline, hills decked with thick jungles, swaying coconut trees, scenic paddy fields and much more, are all arrayed just to entice you for more through this Malaysia tour package.

  • Breath-taking cable car ride, overseeing village, rainforest, islands and waterfall
  • Take a stroll through the Sky-bridge to reach the cable car for an excellent photoshoot
  • Elegant Eagle square with splendid terraces, bridges and fountains
  • No snorkelling hassles, just walk your way through the Underwater world 
  • Animal lovers can peep into the Wildlife Park for an appealing treat of their life
  • Have a date with the winged friends at the Bird Paradise

Its selfie time folks, at Kuala Lumpur

Tired with jungle trips and adventurous schemes then it’s time to move ahead with a visit to the most happening city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Supersized shopping malls, sky-touching skyscrapers, bustling market lanes, elegant temples and polished mosques are all part of the city that you could visit through this Malaysia Tour package.

  • Take a selfie of the stunning view of the city from the world’s tallest Petronas Twin Tower
  • Snap on the royal and official ceremonial traditions of National Palace
  • Get shots of Malaysian history and culture in an architecturally exquisite manner at the National Museum
  • Pose yourself with World’s 17th tallest telecommunication tower for a high rated Instagram post
  • Marvel at 100s of colourful flies fluttering around the Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park
  • Have fun at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park
  • Ride the fastest and longest cable car in Genting Skyway

Scramble through the night at Kuala Lumpur 

Malaysia tour package gives you enough excitement even for the night till the wee hours of the dawn.

  • Stroll through the night markets of Chinatown that could amaze you with colourful displays
  • Watch or sway with Malaysian dancers who sway to the traditional rhythm
  • Check the vendors who align the streets with indigenous wares to entice you 
  • Relish the Malaysian cuisines while being enthralled in the traditional music 
  • Lit up skyscrapers stands in a row decking up the night
  • You will marvel at thousands of fireflies that light up the night sky at Kuala Selangor
  •  Coloured lights of the street illuminate the night sky

Life never gives you second chance. Hence make the best use of the given opportunity to experience all the list of excitements that awaits you with the Malaysia Tour Package.