Ever since inception Mountains have always fascinated human interest, to an extent that many have taken the risk to gauge the fathom of the steep peaks and deep valleys of Himalayas. If not the great snowy mountain but at least the Himalayan nation of Nepal still instigates many to take up Nepal Tour package. It’s never too hot there, but rather snowy in winter or cool in summer. So the choice is all yours to pursue a weekend getaways towards Nepal the country with spectacular sites and serene landscapes.

There are hardly any dearth for beautiful spots in Nepal from stupendous mountains to magnificent temples. Nepal tour package has far more to offer than just tourist spots but also the cordial Nepalese and serene beauty of the nature that makes it all the more inviting and alluring.

Would you like to shop for a cause?

A visit to the capital city Kathmandu is a traveller’s ‘memento collecting hub’, to buy indigenous booty from the local vendors. A trip to the Patan Durbar is sure to make you feel good to buy from shops promoting fair-trade and restaurants selling local cuisines for the noble cause to support the deprived section of the nation.

Get a feel of Majestic aura by Nepal tour package

Dubar square, is yet another epic that relates to bygone era located out of the Nepal Royal Palace. It was erected under the patronage of Malla king centuries back with slight marks of decline due to earthquake and other natural hazards. But the heritage of Nepal has been protected to a great extent and preserved for its visitors who approach with a craving for history.

Get a glimpse of River, temple and cremation all at one place

Pashupatinath is the popular Hindu god Shiva, is enshrined in the Pashupatinath temple exclusively for the access of the Hindu devotees only. Located near the banks of the river Bagmati is a popular site of cremation with a notion that such ones are sure to have rebirth as human. You are sure to rub your shoulder every now and then with yogis and devotees mostly cladded in special attires.

An ambience that lingers with fragrance and mystic chanting in the air.

You can never miss the massive stupa, mostly surrounded with crowds of devotees and monks chanting mantras while circling Bouddhanath, the dome as a part of the ritual. It has the Wisdom eyes or Buddha eyes watching from all the four sides to meet or rather greet its visitors approaching from a distance.

Meet the tailed frenzy that awaits you

A steep ascend of 364 steps that takes you to Swayambhunath or the monkey temple, of course with lots of tailed creatures loitering around you. Get the glimpse of the ornate temple, hundreds of monkeys and of course the panoramic view of the whole place once you are on the temple premise.

Time to step into the annals of history

Kathmandu popularly known as Bhaktapur is an ancient city, often a frequented route of traders between India and china with best art and architecture of the bygone era. Do not miss the king curd or a sweetened curd drink, a special local recipe known for its flavour.Though a less frequented international trip but still Nepal Tour package is sure to be an asset in your Instagram and also a lot more to brag about among your friends.

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