With unique Bali tour package

Be it a backpacking youth or a pre-planned globetrotter, Bali is the perfect match for the aspiration of each according to their budget and cravings. Island of gods or better known as a paradise, this Indonesian island has always been the most endearing spot that attracted more than millions of travellers across the globe. Time to take a break and get the taste of everything of the famed destination.

Which is the best time to visit Bali?

It’s always best to visit and enjoy the scenic beauty of Bali in the dry months from May to October to avoid drenched hassles. Humidity levels are low at summer hence it’s the perfect time for a comfortable outing with a moderate climate. It is always advisable to book Bali tour package much in advance to get your desired schedules in a cost-effective manner.

Would you like to explore the life-changing episodes of Bali tour package?

Get the taste of a perfect and comprehensive expedition through Bali tour package. To start with, welcoming islanders, great tropical climate and safe touring ambiance that totally fits your pocket. Great hiking, surfing, and diving accompanied by delicious food and amazing nightlife, what more can you ask. Most lucrative hubs of hip cafes, cute bars, and vegan cafeterias with generous availability of small resorts to budget hotels, can tempt you for more.

Explore Bali tour packages like never before

ˆ Visit to the bygone era at Royal Temple of Taman Ayun

Taman Ayun is a beautiful garden with the fish pond and lotus that has the magnificent temple, the relic of Mengwi kingdom of the bygone era. Temple has towering shrines, the large court, intricately designed a central gate that comes to life from the annals of history. Central gate is occasionally opened for special customary rituals and ceremonies.

ˆ Get a glimpse of Ramayana at Alas Kedaton Holy Monkey Forest

Alas Kedaton is a small rain forest inhabited with big bats and monkeys in huge groups. It has a Hindu temple popularly known as Alas Kedaton Temple. Monkeys of this forest are special as they are considered holy, for its relation with a Hindu mythology of Ramayana. Alas Kedaton literally means kingdom’s forest, has a remote stillness that lures visitors to escape from hustles of the hectic city life.

ˆ Take your sunset selfie at Tanah Lot sea temple

Tanah Lot sea temple could only be reached during low tide, otherwise, it becomes an island covered with water in all sides. It has a spectacular eye-catching sunset that marks a distinction from the rest of the landscape. This temple is only for Hindus, though the external pagodas and pavilions can be viewed from a distance for the non-Hindu crowd. Behind the temple, there is a cave with fresh water spring considered to the blessing of Bali priest.

ˆ Ever stayed above an active volcano?

Kintamani town overlooks a beautiful Lake Batur and an active volcano, a spectacle that comes to life when witnessed in person. Mount Batur is perfect for trekking spot to enjoy. The breath-taking scenery of the sunrise will linger with you even when you are back home. Hot water spring, canoeing, Mount Abang, organic farm, Luwak coffee farm, temples, etc. are some incredible spots of the Kintamani making Bali Tour package all the more enticing and inescapable.

ˆ Collect your souvenir from Ubud market

Ubud is the artist colony showcasing high-class boutique artefacts to local art market memento. Ubud has a Royal Palace, Tegenungan Waterfall and Batuan temple making this Bali tour package best for your adventurous craving.

ˆ Did you ever dine in a Pirates Cruise?

Remember Pirates of Caribbean, then it’s time to take a selfie in those attires. Loose worn out shirts tuck into a pair of tight black leggings or leather pants, with buckled and pointed boots to play crew games in a real Sea Safari cruise. Board on the top of the deck to feel the night breeze and watch the exotic dancers swaying in the live music under the moonlit sky.

ˆ Your exciting episodes of Bali tour package begins here

Experience Jet Skiing, single parasailing and Banana boating like never before. Have time to swing your hips along with the rhythm of special traditional Barong Dance.

Get to know the must-haves for Bali Touring

  • Carry your Indonesian rupiah or get your multi-currency card for all your haggling and daily expenses.
  • Bring your own full-sized travel towel for sitting around on the beach or snorkelling
  • Skin protecting lotions or sunscreens, sunglasses, hats and water are an ideal part of your traveling kit
  • Leather sandals and quick drying clothes are perfect for water, land and mountainous terrain
  • Budget-friendly destination but plan daily budget to stay aligned

Cheapest all-inclusive excitement that one could desire in a Bali tour package. 

Inviting climatic conditions, geographical location, demography, extravagances of the tour spot, etc. makes it a different and most lucrative for both group and individual trips. Accessibility of all amenities at close proximity makes it listed among the UNESCO World Heritage list.